Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage Regisrtation in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand is the easy part as the Thai marriage registration process is a long drawn out affair that most foreigners in Thailand simply provide the attorneys with the needed documents to do all the work. When getting married in Thailand you need to prove to the Thai government that you are single and not married.

This is done by obtaining a letter from your Embassy to state that you are single and able to marry. This is called a letter of affirmation. You would need to complete a form at your Embassy in Bangkok and leave it with the Embassy overnight. The following day you can then collect your affirmation which now states that you are single and able to marry your Thai fiancée.

This affirmation letter now needs to be certified as true and authentic and needs to be taken to the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs for validation. This usually takes a day and located at the old airport in Laksi. What they will do is verify that the document is authentic and has been issued by your Embassy. The make a small mark on the back of the documents which says – verified.

Once this has been verified it needs to be taken to the Amphur’s office or local district office. You need to now provide them with all the documents and they will then issue you with a marriage certificate. As stated most people in Thailand do not wish to spend 3 days running around doing all the leg work. They simply give it to an attorney to do especially if you are also going to want to register a prenup or a US or UK spouse visa once complete.

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